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We Offer the Most Unique and Customized Children's Wall Art in the Industry!



Mona MELisa Designs offers unique, customizable room décor, interactive wall play sets, On-the-Go travel toys and our educational product, PEEL, PLAY & LEARN wall play sets. By allowing customers to choose different color schemes to fit any room décor, add names to any of the growth charts or name signs and choose customized characters and features for each growth chart, wall mural or name sign, each child gets to display and own a unique masterpiece! Customers can choose from different hair, eye and skin colors for each character featured on their chosen piece of artwork and in this way, the artwork is special to each child who receives it. Every item from our growth charts to our interactive wall play sets is designed with our own children’s help and suggestions, from color selection to creative touches that only kids could create! We spend extra time on each piece of art and we strive to make each one perfect and unique for all of our loyal customers.

All products are made in the USA

Lisa Smith - CEO and Owner, Mona MELisa Designs

This company has been 'born' out of a desire to create unique and custom products that cannot be found anywhere else; we are doing something that is NOT being done in the marketplace. Our decor designs are one-of-a-kind and completely customizable for the child it is being purchased for and our interactive toys provide endless opportunities to turn off the TV, computer and video games and bring back imaginative play to our homes and school! Once you browse our site you will see the difference in our artwork and understand why we are so excited to share it with the world!