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How do I care for my customized children's growth chart, name sign, wall mural or interactive wall play sets?

Because our printing process is permanent, the ink will not run, fade, or peel. Our artwork can be wiped clean with a soft, dry or slightly damp cloth. Our artwork can be rolled and unrolled without incident. If the interactive wall play sets have debris such as dog hair, dirt or carpet fibers on the back, the adhesive will be compromised and you may experience a loss of 'stick' on your wall. See our video on how to bring the 'sticky' back:

How do I hang my customized children's growth chart, name sign or wall mural?

Our PEEL & STICK room decor pieces are similar to wall decals but printed on a high-quality, fabric adhesive material that can be stuck and unstuck over and over again with no damage to walls, paint or wallpaper. They will even stick on textured walls! Simply peel your decor off of the backing and stick it gently to your wall in a convenient location. Make sure to flatten all areas and edges.

Does Mona MELisa Designs do custom order growth charts or artwork?

We do! We have several artists on staff that can create anything that you might want. Please contact Lisa at: [email protected] for more information.

How is my order shipped?

Mona MELisa Designs uses the US Post Office to ship all orders within the US & Canada. When your shipping label is printed, you will receive a confirmation/tracking number via email. It typically takes 2 weeks to ship our decor products due to their customized nature. Interactive wall play sets typically ship within 7 business days.

Is your artwork tested for safety?

It has been tested for lead and has been found to be safe. Our fabric is a woven cotton/poly blend and our inks are inkjet CMYK inks. Testing is not required on these items according to law. We do have literature from the manufacturer of our fabric manufacturer listing the testing they have done and the results, which prove that the materials are free from phthalates (BPA) and many other harmful chemicals.

What are the sizes of your products?

Name signs are 8"H x 20"W
Growth charts are 8"W x 48"H
Murals are 24"H x 48"W
Wall Play Sets 24" x 40"
PEEL, PLAY & LEARN 24" x 40"
Bible Story Sets 24" x 40"

What are your products made of?

Our decor and wall play sets are printed on a cotton/poly blend adhesive fabric material. The materials used for our PEEL & STICK decor contain no PVC and all components have been ruled to be safe in regard to lead and phthalates (BPA). We digitally print designs onto our material using a wide format inkjet printer. An inkjet printer uses the same inks as your household printer.

Is there a limit to the amount of letters I can put onto the signs or charts?

No, there is no limit but keep in mind that the more letters that are added, the smaller the font must get to be able to fit them into the allotted space on the artwork.

Can I put 2 names on a chart or name sign?

Yes, we do allow multiple names on artwork but keep in mind that the more letters that are added, the smaller the font must be in order to fit them into the allotted space on the artwork. Also, because double names usually cannot fit onto 1 line, some graphics may be compromised and covered up by the letters.

Does the Wall Play Set damage walls or wall paper?

No, the wall play set fabric will stick great to all types of materials except fabric and brick. HOWEVER, it can be removed over and over with no damage to wallpaper, paint or wood.

How long will the 'stickiness' last?

We have been using our prototype for the last 3 years with regular play (everyday) and it still sticks great to the walls. The material was originally manufactured to be applied to building and billboards and taken down, moved, etc. It is very durable.
Here are some of the companies that use this material for their advertising products:

Macy's , Coke Cola , Anheuser Busch, Coors-Miller, McDonalds, Victoria's Secret, the NHL and NFL, John Deere & Harley Davidson - just to name a few.
The maker of the material reports that they have products adhering outdoors, in inclement weather for up to 6 years.

Can kids tear the Wall Play Sets?

Because it is fabric, it will not rip or tear. Also, if it is wrinkled or balled up, stick it to your kitchen table, use a spatula or squeegee and you can work the wrinkles right out of the product and put it back on the wall.

SUPER EASY, NO HASSLE Return/Exchange Policy

Because we KNOW you will LOVE your order from MMD, we have a NO HASSLE RETURN POLICY on all merchandise other than customized decor pieces (Mona Melisa Designs unfortunately cannot accept returns on customized decor pieces, as they are made-to-order). For all other products, simply contact: [email protected] for authorization and then ship the product back to us. If it is returned in saleable condition, we will issue you a full refund. All merchandise defects will be replaced at our expense. Authorization must be attained prior to replacement. We will not accept item returns without prior authorization. Please note: Customer is responsible for all freight charges if the delivery is returned, refused or cancelled during processing.


From time to time a product may be damaged in shipping. If you receive a damaged item please contact us at [email protected] or call us at (877) 276-8794. Replacement of damaged items will only be given for items packaged in the original packaging. We will need specific details of the damage prior to sending a replacement.